Dirty Hippies

12 November 2011

If you frequent political discussion forums*,  you know that our conservative friends don’t think very highly of the folks who take part in the Occupy protests.   That this unruly mob is nothing but a bunch of lawless, dirty, lazy and loose-moraled  bums is a typical comment from the more respectable and upstanding citizens.  They say that Occupy proves once and for all that we liberals are horrible people.  Horrible people.  It’s time that we acknowledge the complete truth of this accusation.



Generally speaking, we liberals tend to be unwashed, undiscipli­ned, rowdy, irreligiou­s, loudmouthe­d, impulsive, horny and disobedien­t people. What is more, I am not even ashamed of these failings – of being a horrible person. You see, I think it is good to be a horrible person, if you understand “person” in its classical definition of “persona” – a mask worn to hide who you really are. I am terrible at wearing such masks, as are, I think, the majority of my liberal friends. What you see is what we are, and sometimes it ain’t pretty to those who are accustomed to facades.



Among the horrors of being a liberal are such unmanly qualities as love, compassion­, generosity­, trust, creativity­, learning and adaptabili­ty. It’s all part of being a horrible person, and I wouldn’t give them up for any money.



* As a Latin word,  the proper plural form of “forum” is fora.  I’ve finally decided to surrender to the colloquial and say “forums” because everybody else does it.




2 comments on “Dirty Hippies

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! Nobody’s perfect, and everything is a trade off. I think the more organized and anal you get the less you care about others.

    • Generally, but not always, true.

      You’ll occasionally meet a fastidiously neat person with a rigorously ordered mind and neat home who still cares about people, but it is a relative rarity.

      Most often, anal types are disgusted by us unrepentant slobs because they are petrified of the sloppy nature of reality. This fear of life closes them to life and to caring about people in life.

      Thanks for your comment!

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