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11 November 2011

OVERALLS NATION has been a going concern for a few months now.  It’s attracted around 10,000 hits, and it even has a few active followers.  Not exactly a powerhouse, to be sure, but not a dud either.  And since it appears that neither I nor the few hardcore overallers that visit will be losing interest anytime soon,  I think maybe it’s time I said a little bit about your humble blogger, me, and what I’m doing here.



My name is Matt, and I live in a big American city.  I put on a suit every day and go to work in an office building.  I wear suspenders because I can’t abide mankind’s worst-ever invention, the belt, around my middle-aged paunch.  If I could sit at my desk in overalls, I’d do it, just like I did when I drove a truck for a living. Weekends working in my garden is when I get to be who I really am, an overaller.  Such a garment, overalls!  Absolutely unmatched for comfort and function.  I own Big Smiths, Keys, Liberties and Dickies.  An old, patched and stained pair of button fly Dickies are my favorite.

The longer I wear overalls, the more I think they symbolize something.  If you’re looking for a fellow who can do a job of work, you know that the one in overalls is your guy.  For a hundred years overalls were the garment of choice for the working American Supermen who plowed, welded, riveted and built our great nation.  Overalls are about honest, sweating, can-do labor.  The picture at the top of each post says it all.  But there’s more.  When you are in a big American city, and you see the unusual sight of a guy going about his day in overalls, you instantly understand that this is a confident, open and friendly person.  He’s got nothing to sell you, no image to project on you, and no false pride to defend.  He’ll smile, shake your hand, tell you the time of day, give you a smoke and listen to your troubles;  and do it all as if there’s nothing better he’d rather be doing.  He’s got rough edges.  He’s not presentable.  He might cuss like a sailor and laugh way too loud at his own joke.  But you know you’re looking at someone who is able, willing and fundamentally decent.



A few years ago I happened upon an old snapshot on a blog.  It was of a young lady named Nell, taken at Woodstock back in 1969.  She’s smiling, flashing a peace sign and wearing nothing but a pair of overalls.  Hot damn.  Sexiest thing I ever saw.  After that I became obsessed with finding photos of women wearing overalls and nothing else.  They aren’t east to find, once you get past the standard photo sets that are out there.  You wouldn’t believe the crap you have to sift through to find these photographic gems.   To date, I’ve collected about a thousand R-rated overalls pictures.  But what to do with them?

The idea of running an overalls photo blog seemed right, but there are others who do that already, and they do it better that I ever could.   So on a lark I decided on a blog that combines my obsession with society and politics with my love for overalls.  Overalls Nation is the humble result.  I have to confess that the name is not original.  There is another blog named Overalls Nation, but it is long dead.  I hope its owner does not mind.



Here are my guidelines:

The Pictures

 The subject or subjects must be wearing bib-and-brace overallsNo coveralls, no fancy bibless or stapless affairs.  And she cannot be wearing a shirt under the overalls.  This is my one hard-and-fast rule, which I break whenever it tickles me to do so.  In the more pornographic shots, I crop so as to reduce the rating to R.  And I hate those pictures where the model is putting on a fakey, exaggerated horny expression.  Get that ugly mug off my monitor!

The Writing

I decided early on never to write in the first person, and I haven’t until today.   Nobody cares what I think, so I’m not going to tell you what I think.  I think that what I believe is true, so I’m going to write it as if it were true, not as if it’s what I think. However, I might relax this rule in the future.  Sometimes a personal stamp adds something.

I wanted at first to avoid using terms like liberal, conservative, Republican and Democrat, and to write from a kind of unbiased, objective point of view.  It has been impossible to carry it off, and the blog would be unbearably boring if I kept trying.  If you don’t take a position, you have very little to say – so I’ve let my liberalism burst proudly forth.


That’s about it. Thank you, friend and fellow overaller, for visiting.  Whether you’re here for the pictures or the talk, I’m glad you came.





One comment on “About This Blog

  1. gbear says:

    I’m glad I came too.

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