16 September 2011

Overalls Nation had planned to present an article by a guest author today featuring a gripping investigation of how  Supreme Court rulings in recent decades have effected  American overalls wearers specifically and American greatness in general.  However, due to a freak incident involving an angry colony of  ants,  an ice cream truck’s collision with a surface sewer line,  a cat with its tail ablaze and a overfilled water pipe left too close to the author’s keyboard, the precise causal relationship between all of which can only be understood in terms of quantum uncertainty, the article will be temporarily delayed.


While our gentle readers may (or may not) be shocked and dismayed, no article will appear today.  Instead, Overalls Nation wishes to thank you for what has been a fabulously successful inaugural month.  Over the past few days we have received an average of 312 visitors per day.  So let us relax our analytical powers this once, and simply reflect on the American greatness so well displayed in these pictures of girls wearing overalls.  Enjoy.






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