Dr. Suess Goes to Washington

6 September 2011

Today, members of Congress returned to Washington DC for a new legislative session. It is only fitting that we welcome them back to work with a poem written especially for freshman members of the House, and in a style that reflects their very best oratory.



We do not like Obama’s plan.

We will not pass it, small or grand!

We do not want to share his vision.

We will not pass a jobs provision.


We will not mend the nation’s rails,

Not even if the country fails.

We will not vote for jobs today.

Keep full employment far away!



Roads and bridges won’t get fixed.

No brickwork laid, no concrete mixed.

To us, the thing that seems most vital,

Is keeping jobless people idle.


We will not pass it in the dark.

We will not pass it on a lark.

We do not like a jobs bill, ma’am.

We will not pass it. No, by damn!



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